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This tutorial will explain how to create a CSV file in Google Docs Spreadsheets with the intent of importing the data into Zenbership as members. Note that while this example uses Google Docs, other spreadsheet software such as Excel or OpenOffice Calc will do the same thing and work in the same way.

1. Create the Spreadsheet

Step 1: Create the spreadsheet in Google Docs

When you create a new document in Google Docs, you will see a "grid-like table" layout. Each "cell" represents one piece of data. Columns represent a field, while each row represents one member that will be imported. The exception to this is the first line (discussed in step 2 below) which controls the field names for the corresponding columns.

2. Create your Top Line

The top line of your CSV file is important as it represents the name of the fields that you are importing. The field names can come from one of two sources:

  • "Integration > Fields" section of the admin control panel. You can use either the "Display Name" or the "Caller Tag" when creating your top row. In this example we will use the "Caller Tag".
  • The standard fields available to members and contacts.

List of fields that can be imported.

3. Add a Line of Data

Each line after the first line represents a member that you are importing. When adding lines to your spreadsheet, make sure that the you input the correct data into the correct cell. This means that each cell must match the field name for the column into which the data is being inputted.

Adding a line of data to the CSV file. Each line after the first represents a member you are importing.

4. Add Some More Data

Next we some more data. Notice how every cell does NOT need to be filled out for the import to be successful. Leaving a cell blank is perfectly acceptable.

5. Save the Document as a CSV

Save the file as a CSV file.

Before you can import the file into Zenbership, you will need to save it as a CSV File.

In GoogleDocs

Go to "File > Download As > Comma Separated Values (.csv)".

In OpenOffice

  • Go to "File > Save As" and select "Text CSV" from the drop down list.
  • If the "ODF Warning" appears, click on "Keep Current Format"
  • Set Field Delimiter to comma ',' and Text Delimiter to double quotes '"'.

In Excel

  • Click on "File > Save As"
  • Select "CSV (MS-DOS)" from the dropdown.

6. Import the File Into Zenbership

  • Load the Import popup:
  • If you are importing members, go to "Members > Import".
  • If you are importing contacts, go to "Contacts > Import".
  • Since we are importing members, we would click on "Members > Import".

On the resulting popup, following these steps:

  1. Select the file you are importing. In this case, the file we saved in step 5.
  2. Select the correct delimiter, in this case "Comma".
  3. Click on "Import".

Preview import screen.

The "Preview Import" page will appear. Use this page to confirm that the information being imported is correct. Some things to keep in mind:

  1. The last column in the "preview table" tells you whether we are updating or creating a member. If the cell is highlighted as yellow, this indicates that the member's username has been found in the database and will therefore be updated to match the data on the CSV file.
  2. At this point nothing has actually been imported. If everything looks good, click on "Begin Import".

The program will import the members.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
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