Employee Overview

What is an Employee?

An employee is a user on the administrative control panel. There are two types of employees:

  • Administrators
  • Standard Employees

Standard employees can then be divided into "Departments" and "Permission Types".


Click here for information on permissions.


  • Click on "Employees" in the administrative topbar, then click on "Deparments" in the secondary navigation.

Click here for information on departments.

Tracking Employees

There are several ways that you can track employees:

Performance reports

  • Click on "Employees" in the administrative topbar, then click on "Performance Reports" in the secondary navigation.

Performance reports allow department heads and administrators to see how valuable employees under their control are to the company. You can find a performance report from the "Reports" link in the topbar of the administrative control panel.

Usage Logs

  • Click on "Employees" in the administrative topbar, then click on "Usage Logs" in the secondary navigation. Use filters to view usage logs for individual employees.

Usage logs, if turned on, allow you to track every action that your employees take throughout the control panel. To turn on usage logs, go to "Integration > Options" and set the "Track Usage?" option to "Yes".

Note that turning on usage logs will greatly increase the size of your database. We do not recommend tracking employees if your disk space is limited.

Creating an Employee

To create an employee, do the following:

  • Click on "Employees" in the administrative topbar.
  • Click on "Create Employee" in the secondary navigation.
  • The "Create Employee" slider will appear.

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Published on 2013/07/26.
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