Custom Hook Overview

With the exception of "E-Mail" custom hooks, hooks should be used by developers only! Attempting to create a custom hook without knowledge of the required programming language can result in errors, and even damages to your server or database.

What is a Custom Hook?

A custom hook is a piece of code that is executed either before or after a specific task is triggered in by the program.

Types of Hooks

PHP Code ExecutionRuns a PHP script.
E-Mail DispatcherSends an custom email.
MySQL Command ExecutionExecutes one of more MySQL commands.
Outside ConnectionConnects to an outside server via a cURL request.

Common Hooks

The following is a list of common hooks available throughout the program. When creating a custom hook, this corresponds to the "Task Trigger".

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Published on 2013/06/21.
Last updated on 2014/01/22.

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