Campaign Overview

What is a Campaign?

Opt-In Campaigns

An "opt-in" campaign is when a user has control over their subscription and unsubscription. There are two types of opt-in campaigns. A single opt-in campaign subscribes the user to the campaign without a 2nd layer of confirmation. A double opt-in campaign subscribes a user, and then confirms the subscription by email before the user will begin receiving messages through the campaign.

Double opt-in campaigns are always recommended over single opt-in campaigns, as they confirm with certainty that the user who signed up for the campaign wants to receive it. This prevents spam activity like someone subscribing another person's email without the actual email holder's knowledge. The result of this are higher readership, lower unsubscription rates, and lower spam complaints.

  • Single Opt-In Process: User subscribes, begins receiving campaign messages.
  • Double Opt-In Process: User subscribes, receives an e-mail confirming the subscription, clicks link to confirm the subscription, begins receiving campaign messages.

Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns allow you to send emails to members or contacts on a schedule. The schedule is based on either a timeframe after the a member joins or contact was created, or on specific dates in the future.


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Published on 2013/07/19.
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